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Maintaining soft healthy hands in spite of Covid-19

On every social media platform, on the print media and every radio station worldwide, the same instructions and plea are being given, "sanitize your hands" "wash your hands". In the midst of all that is going on we must remember to moisturize our hands at bedtime.

Sanitizers in order to be effective must contain alcohol with levels 70% and up. Alcohol is known for causing our skin to be dry, so regular use of sanitizers together with the washing of our hands will leave them extremely dry at the end of the day. To maintain our soft healthy hands we must remember to moisturze them at night with a rich body creme or body butter at bedtime. I personally moisturize during the day once I'm indoors for the day. Now that I have the extra time I take my time and massage the creme between all fingers, creases and the nail beds something I didn't always have time for 😀 Try it y'all it feels goood. I recomend you do it with your favorite creme, lotion or butter. Shalom Oasis Coffee Bean Body Butter or the Vanilla Spice creme are my favs.

The constant exposure to water also takes a toll on our nails, so pay special attention to your nail tips and cuticles. Some of us nails tend to grow very quick when exposed to water like mine, so trim, shape and buff them regularly. Don't forget to moisturize😀 Yep #sanitize #wash #moisturize.

Love your hands, they work very hard to make you happy.