Shalom Oasis

We Take Care Of The Whole You

Shalom Oasis Personal Care Products

We hand make personal care products using plant based ingredients, some of which are grown right here in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our products are paraben free, mineral oil free and cruelty free. Shalom Oasis product line consist of:

A collection of skin loving soaps, hair oil, body oils, luxurious body butters, body cremes, all natural deodorants, face moisturizer, face serum, body scrubs



In 2017, after years of reading labels and searching for natural personal care products I decided to make my own.

As a breast cancer survivor I started reading labels and researching ingredients in 2012. So by 2017 when natural, handmade products were really trending, I decided to make the switch from commercial products.

I started with soaps and body butters for my personal use and in June of that same year I introduced it in my already exsisting business, Shalom Oasis TT. 

We started with body butters, hair butter and soaps. Over the past three years our product line has grown to include: a variety of soaps, body butters, body cremes, body oil, hair oils, shampoo bars, and hair creme. 


Shalom Oasis 2017 to 2020

A slide video of Shalom Oasis 3 year transition.
Our Logo and tag line changed making it neccessary to change our labels.
Our product list increased from, hair butter, hair oil, and body butters to soaps, body cremes, body oils all natural deodorants and more.